9 Tips on Buying a Home

A mortgage bankers give 9 tips on buying a home.

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Kristofer Nance, Real Estate Broker with Nance & Associates, Realtors in Fredericksburg VA
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  1. reepicheep90 says:

    Her lips are moving and I hear sounds… but I have no idea what she’s talking about. I just want to tilt my head, lean in towards her, close my eyes…

  2. investinottawa says:

    note**** sense is spelt like this
    If you screw up that spelling what are you going to screw up on my agreement?
    cmon now, proof read

  3. region1111 says:

    “Being pre-approved will inform you of your maximum affordable home”.

    Who are you to decide what my maximum is?

  4. thank u, i am working on getting my 1st house

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  6. actonbath says:

    After dealing with 1000’s of Realtors the sad fact is that 98% are ignorant, liars or both.
    Common responses from Realtors that should cause you to FIRE that one and get another is,
    “Oh don’t worry about that”
    “It’s in great shape, why get any inspections?”
    “that will be in writing later”

    If you’re a buyer and don’t knock on neighbors doors to see whats up in the area and if you do not get at least a home inspection and Pest termite inspection then you deserve to get screwed.

  7. usedcardboardboxes says:

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  10. TheRugbyrat says:

    i want to live at her house.

  11. Andrewapex100 says:

    you wrote sense wrong on your little list. “sense” not sence

  12. Good video. Really useful 🙂

  13. gregvancom says:

    Nice job and thanks for the tips

  14. smithsam1999 says:

    Great basic information and easy to understand! Video was helpful…thanks.

  15. Really? A Hottie? The must grow some ugly girls where you come from. lol

    that being said, I think it is bad that her value is placed on her looks instead of her knowledge. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  16. For first time home owners i hope that you do not depend on this video in obtaining any type of home buying knowledge. i couldn’t make it past the first few minutes, because the first few minutes of information is leaving a lot of gaps and unanswered questions. Do your research.

  17. MisterQuebec says:

    She should be a cheerleader! She looks like one!

  18. lol, I noticed that, too. Do you really want advice on purchasing a home from someone who cannot spell “sense?”

    That said, she’s a hottie.

  19. chigabagau says:

    she’s distracting…now i have to watch it again

  20. I love how she says “Thanks for your attention.” It was no trouble paying attention to her!

  21. weightwatchersgirl says:

    great video! spelled “sense” wrong, though..

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