How can we buy a home?

Question by Amy: How can we buy a home?
My boyfriend and I are interested in buying a home. I have good credit, and he has so-so credit. He makes the majority of the household income. I work part-time. Is there a way we can purchase a home together?


It’s definitely a good time to buy with the combination of low interest rates and home prices.

Credit is a big factor when looking to get a home loan.  A lot of buyers today have tarnished credit because of the recovering economy. You should have a Mortgage Professional evaluate the credit and employement history of  the both of you to see if buying a home right now is possible. If not, the Mortgage Professional may be able to refer you to a reputable credit counseling company that can help you get on the right track.

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  1. angel_baby says:

    It depends on how much you guys make. If he makes good money then you’ll just have a higher interest rate. If his credit score is below 630 you wont be able to get a construction loan to build. So you may need a large down payment to keep your payments down and able to borrow more. My advice is go get preapproved and the lender will tell you what to do to get a better interest rate. For us he wrote letters to the credit bureau and had my hubby sign them and he went from 620 to 700 with his help. But there were errors on his report maybe your bf will get lucky… good luck!

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