Q&A: 3 people purchase house & we all have unpaid bills can A lien be put on the house?

Question by Eric : 3 people purchase a house together and  all have unpaid bills can A lien be put on the house?
3 people get enough money to purchase a house together, One is retired with social security only and just recently stopped paying her credit card bills because of lack of funds. Can the credit card company’s put a lien on the house they plan to purchase together?
Could a creditor put a lien on a house that has 2 other people on the title? The other two people could sue the hell out of the creditor that put the lien on their house right?

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Answer by tazman111
no. credit cards are unsecured loans. just do not sign any paper work putting your house as collateral. if this is a bank loan than yes ,they would be able to put a lien on it

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  1. R. Charles the Mohel says:

    Yes, the lein would be against that person’s interest in the house. so all the parties involved will suffer by proxy (by association). the longer the debt lingers the more it will cost to satisfy as it will acrue interest and fees (not a good thing for the other parties). and as most credit cards are bank issue, the lein is possible, but wait there is more depending on the amount the credit card company can obtain a financial judgement against that person, once thats done there is a court order on record and the credit card company might opt to enforce it (again depending on the amount owed, as all of these procedures are costing the CC company lots of money too, so it has to be worth it ti them to pursue or drop it as a loss altogether), should they choose to enforce it then the court may order the house sold in an auction to recover the loss for them ,the other 2 parties will be named as 3rd party beneficiaries as to recover their vested interest also. All in all its best to convince that person to pay what she owes on her credit card bill after all she incurred it.

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