Q&A: Can a buyer be present during the home inspection ?

Question: Can I be present during the home inspection as a buyer ?
1) Can I be present during the home inspection as a buyer ?

2) Can I be going around with the home inspector and see what he is doing during the inspection time ?

3) Can I bug him and ask each and every question when he is inspecting ? Hopefully people don’t get annoyed because of this. Just wondering since I am a first time home buyer and does not know much about home.

4) Any questions I should be asking ?

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Answer by jlf
You not only can, you most definitely should. You’re paying for the inspection, after all.

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  1. 1 Helipilot says:

    1. yes.
    2. yes.
    3. yes, but ask them first, it would suck to get a bad inspection because you pissed them off.

    4. ask them what in particular they search for. you’ll get some enlightening answers.

  2. If you are not there for the inspection you are making a big mistake. The inspector will probably talk to you about any defects as well as writing them in his report. He should also give you some instructions about maintenance of different elements of the house and grounds. I wouldn’t bug him with unnecessary questions, because his time is scheduled for the size of house and amount you are paying him. It’s ok to ask him at the end if he would buy the house if he were you.

  3. The home inspector that I recommend asks that the buyer be there, but not until the last hour of the inspection – it usually takes about 3 hours to do a complete inspection. He cannot work with someone following him around, but he wants to be able to show the buyer anything he finds that is unusual. You will also want your real estate agent there when you are in case you want to ask the seller for any repairs. Have the inspector show you things like how to change the furnace filter, turn off the water and electricity, etc. If the inspector is not willing to do all this, find one who is. Good luck in your new home!

  4. Fort Sill Army Wife says:

    Yes its best that you are…I wouldnt “bug” him but yes you can ask questions. We went to our home inspection, it took 4 hours

  5. BLCOHEN529 says:

    Select a reputable company. Make certain they have an effective bond! Then ask if you can join the inspector. Some inspectors will hurry the job and do a less effective examination if they are being watched closely. Others will be thorough and not mind your moderate interference that will lengthen the time required to complete the inspection.
    If you do not know what you are looking at or the potential consequences, your participation is not only worthless but may impede your legal rights should you need to sue a seller for a hidden defect. Your assistance in the inspection will be argued to be your waiver or acceptance of a defect you saw (but did not understand as a defect) or matter that should have alerted you to closer examination which would have led to a defect, known or unknown to the Seller.

    Your “help” might not only be unwise…it may cause you injury.

  6. Yes, it’s highly recommended!!

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