Q&A: Need tips for selling a home fast?

Does anyone have any tips for selling a home fast?
My husband’s job is relocating us and our a relocation package that does not cover selling a home.

We need to get our home sold fast in this tough market.

We can’t really afford two house payments.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

The best first step you can take is to get a good real estate agent (me).

You will need an objective opinion of what your home needs to be more marketable.

The general tips are: Quick fix-ups, De-clutter,  fresh paint, carpet, and landscaping.

To sell quickly, set a reasonable price after consulting an experienced real estate agent.

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  1. news ads.. or even better contact real estates agent. which area is ur home located in

  2. dont sell,, rent the home out and atleast keep money coming in. Or place it up for lease w/ option to buy. If they fail to make their monthly then they default their deposit which is usually 5 % of the purchase price unlike a month and a half of rent.
    Then you can place it up for lease w/ option to buy again… and again. Many investors do this all the time.
    Check out ownerwillcarry.com or fsbo i believe it is through google or yahoo.
    hope this helps.

  3. there are 2 RE firms in the US that handle trades; your home for theirs –or you can
    put your home in a “holding” acct and you take over a house –that is available where you
    want to be.

    I will try to help you on one of these approaches–if you want my help

  4. My Take on It says:

    De clutter and de personalize
    Neutral paint
    Clean clean clean!
    Curb appeal even in winter goes a long way

    But the most important thing is to price yourself aggressively

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