Staging Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

Home Staging Tips for Top Dollar Sale of your Home by Susan Botticelli, Realtor, Broker and Home Staging Expert. Susan specializes in residential sales in the Rancho San Diego area of El Cajon, California. Visit www.RanchoSanDiegoLifestyle.com or call (619)441-8473.
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Stage your living to attract homebuyers. Living Room’s are often the first space that a homebuyer views when walking through the front door. First impressions are crucial when selling your home. Start with a blank canvas and start removing everything from the area. Position furniture in a way that shows off the living room’s potential. Maximize space by removing un-used furniture and decor. Add tasteful accessories and artwork that are neutral in color and design. Wow the buyer with your newly staged living room.

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Kristofer Nance, Real Estate Broker with Nance & Associates, Realtors in Fredericksburg VA
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  1. LovelyDelMarHomes says:

    @realbiz007 Glad to know.

  2. zippyweinstein says:

    I wish realtors were required to know this, because mine sure doesn’t.

  3. realbiz007 says:

    its a tough market out there this site really helped me as realtor….. myepicbiz com

  4. CoastHomebuyers1 says:

    Good information in this video. We’ve found staging to be enormously valuable even when renting moderate-income level apartments. If the landlord pays attention to the details, apartments stay vacant for far less time! Hope your business is doing well!

  5. blessedmommy4x says:

    No, we are not planning on selling anytime soon. But I know the day will come and I want to make smart investments.

  6. LovelyDelMarHomes says:

    Are you wanting to sell your home or improve it for your own enjoyment (as well as equity)?
    If you are looking to sell, a Realtor would be your best bet. Find an experienced agent who can advise you as to which projects will improve your selling price with the minimum investment. You may even interniew a few agents. If you plan on selling, there will usually be no charge for such a consultation.

  7. blessedmommy4x says:

    We want to improve our 1974 home, but there are lots of projects that we could do. Who can I contact that would be wiling to come out and show me which projects should take priority and build equity in our home? I wasn’t sure if a realtor, home stager or someone else could do this for me. And how much do you estimate that would cost? I enjoyed your video!! ;0)

  8. I shot this video in 2007 and Susan had well over 20 years in the business at the time.

    Nita Gill – Motion Media

  9. mkastanis1 says:

    I think you are very new to the game and it shows.. I;m sure you are doing well now since this video was filmed in the early 70’s…

  10. I am not selling my house and too far from you but your tips are useful for living daily too!
    Congratulations, your video is just great and I wish you all the best on your work.

  11. seexiong86 says:

    This is nice and I will going to use for my house.

  12. lucindacorbett says:

    Thanks for the video. It really helps. We are getting ready to put our house on the market. We don’t own a TV and I was wondering what I should make my focal point in our livingroom. I have a piano on one wall and a large curio cabinet on the other. My couch faces the sliding glass door so we can see the garden. Do you think not having a TV area is going to hurt selling our house?

  13. LovelyDelMarHomes says:

    Glad you found this useful. It’s always nice to hear positive comments.

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    Love the video. I’m a house flipper and I found this quite interesting. Well edited, too.

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    Thanks for this video. It is a really good example of what to do. I like the before and after pictures. It will be helpful to many sellers.

  16. Very Good tips! Thanks a lot

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    excellent!!! Great video ! Thank you !!

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    loved the video! thank you!

  19. Very useful advice! Thanks a lot.

  20. cool!

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    Man, she is an “artiste!”

  22. Thank you very much! Great tips! We are getting ready to sell our home.

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    This is Beautiful, very inspiring!!

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