Before buying a foreclosure do I need a home inspection?

Question: home inspection?

We recently purchased a home that was foreclosed. We knew the previous owners and keep in contact with them on a regular basis. They told us everything that they had going wrong with the house or any problems they were having (really, not much). The home was winterized about 4 months ago. Our real estate agent said since the previous owners are telling us everything with the house, it wasn’t necessary for us to put up the $400 to get the home inspection. I would feel better, however, to at least have somebody come out to look at utilities and termites. Is this possible to do, or when I sign up for an inspection, do I have to get the whole shebang?


I always recommend that my clients get a home inspection.  The old owners may not even know everything that might be wrong with the house. “Pay the money it’s worth it”

You can have a home inspection even if you already purchased the home. but you should have done one prior to your home purchase. 

Virtually very mortgage  lender will require a satisfactory termite inspection prior to generating a clear to close. Most likely you had a termite inspection.

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HGTV Segment on Home Inspection

HGTV Segment on Home Inspection featuring ASHI Inspectors


Q&A: Home Inspection?

Question by lvsgal86: Home Inspection?
How much does in cost to get a basic home inspection on a house that is about 1400 sq ft?

Varies by area $ 250-350 for one. .

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Home inspection tips?

Question by Jennifer: Home inspection tips?
I am about to do a home inspection on a  property and was just wondering what could be some major issues that I should lookout for in the house I want to buy.


Any major renovations to the property?

Are there any uncompleted renovations or repairs needed?

Are there receipts/warranties/guarantees provided by repair contractors for the renovations done?

Pest control clearance provided?

Indications of roof leakage?

Gutters and downspouts secure?

Signs of roof surface, flashings, vent or chimney damage?

Evidence of cracks, paint peeling or other visible defects?

Trip hazards, cracking in the walkways, driveway or steps?

Plants/vegetation growing on the exterior of the home?

Stairway, deck, porch and other railings secure?

Cracks or indications of retaining wall failure?

Signs of inadequate surface drainage?

Openings into the building at trim, flashings, chimneys, etc.?

Signs of soil movement around perimeter of the home?

Are all accessible areas dry?

Are there any indications of current or prior water damage?

If there is a sump pump, is it operational?

Indications of foundation cracking or movement?

Musty odors or signs of mold or mildew?

Stains, cracks or damage to interior walls, ceilings or floors

Cracked or broken windows?

Windows and window latches operate properly?

Doors and door latches operate properly?

Stains or leaks at kitchen, bathroom or laundry sinks?

Interior staircases have safe, secure handrails?

Smoke alarms in hallways, on each floor, in each bedroom?

Kitchen and Bathrooms
Are all appliances functional?

Cabinets, countertops, sinks or floors damaged?

Water Pressure is ok at sinks, shower and tub spout?

Any sign of water leaks under sinks?

Are all ceramic tile floors and wainscoting intact and well grouted?

Garage door functional?

Automatic door opener reverse properly?

Indications of dampness or mildew?

All light fixtures operational?

All electrical outlets functional?

All smoke detectors provided and functional?

Doorbell operational?

GFCI outlets in kitchen, bathrooms, exterior and garage?

GFCI devices functional?

Any visible dangling or exposed wiring?

Extension, lamp cord, or zip cord used as permanent wiring?

Adequate water flow at fixtures and drains?

Faucet or drain pipe leaks?

Adequate water pressure?

Ample hot water provided?

Clothes washer and dryer functional?

Water heater adequately strapped?

Water heater has popper pressure/temperature relief?

System functional?

Serviced recently?

Is there adequate heat/cooling distribution to each room?

Are there large differences in temperature between different rooms?

Safety check on older fireplaces and chimneys?

Last time serviced?

Dampers operational?

Fire boxes need repair?

Spark arrestor and rain cap installed?

Further, I would visit the house on a rainy day of you can. Look for water puddles on the lot, any drainage concerns, and see if you can get in the attic as well. Look for any truss or sheathing discoloration – anything black is not good – that is an indicator of mold.

Good luck!

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Q&A: What Seller expenses can I expect to pay after a home inspection?

Question: What Seller expenses can I expect to pay after a home inspection?
I am currently in the process of selling my home. The buyers will be getting a home inspection done on the property within the next week. What kind of expenses and potentially how much should I expect to pay after the inspection is done? My house is only 10 years old, and has no major issues that I’m aware of. 

Any help would be great, this is the first time I have sold a home. Thank you!

Best answer: Whatever repairs and/or maintenance issues the buyers request be remidiated are negotiable. Meaning that you could decide to take care of it before closing, you could give the buyer a $$ credit at closing or refuse to do anything. 

It depends alot on the buyers. Some have a huge list of meaningless things and some only care that the home is solid. Make sure to get several estimates before making a decision.

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Q&A: Can a buyer be present during the home inspection ?

Question: Can I be present during the home inspection as a buyer ?
1) Can I be present during the home inspection as a buyer ?

2) Can I be going around with the home inspector and see what he is doing during the inspection time ?

3) Can I bug him and ask each and every question when he is inspecting ? Hopefully people don’t get annoyed because of this. Just wondering since I am a first time home buyer and does not know much about home.

4) Any questions I should be asking ?

Best answer:

Answer by jlf
You not only can, you most definitely should. You’re paying for the inspection, after all.

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Is it possible to have a home inspection done on a foreclosed home?

Question : Is it possible to have a home inspection done on a Foreclosured home?
I’m interested in purchasing a foreclosed home. My realtor is trying to get me to buy it without having a home inspection done.  I’m afraid of buying it without a home inspection because of all the potential problems that could come up later.  Will the bank that owns the home agree to turn the utilities on so that we can have an inspector run tests on them? I don’t want to purchase a home without knowing what I’m getting into.

Best answer:

Many of the REO (Real Estate Owned) companies that I deal with regulary allow home inspections for information purposes. The reason that foreclosed homes are sold AS -IS is because the REO companies that are handling them do not know the property’s history. Regardless of having a home inspection or not the utilities will need to be turned by someone depending on the type of loan your getting.   Again most of the REO companies I deal with have “US” as the listing broker turn on the utilities on in our name. Some REO companies have property preservation companies that turn on the utilities on in their name. FHA/HUD foreclosures have the buyer take responsibility for all the utilities that are neccessary to have the inspected, appraised and or tested. Anything is possible when it comes to utilities. Just ask the question and findout.

Home inspections are always a good idea and can save you from purchasing a home with hidden defects that you may not be able to afford. When writing your contract offer make it contingent upon a satifactory home inpection.

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