Staging Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

Home Staging Tips for Top Dollar Sale of your Home by Susan Botticelli, Realtor, Broker and Home Staging Expert. Susan specializes in residential sales in the Rancho San Diego area of El Cajon, California. Visit www.RanchoSanDiegoLifestyle.com or call (619)441-8473.
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Stage your living to attract homebuyers. Living Room’s are often the first space that a homebuyer views when walking through the front door. First impressions are crucial when selling your home. Start with a blank canvas and start removing everything from the area. Position furniture in a way that shows off the living room’s potential. Maximize space by removing un-used furniture and decor. Add tasteful accessories and artwork that are neutral in color and design. Wow the buyer with your newly staged living room.


When staging a home, do you leave the staging items in the home when it sells?

Question : When staging a home, do you leave the staging items in the home when it sells?
I’m getting ready to list my home for sale, and I’m thinking about staging it. Before I buy items for the house (like furniture, decorations, plants, candles, etc.), I wanted to know if these items usually stay with the home when it sells or will I be able to take them with me?   I have already de-cluttered everything, taking down all personal pictures, magnets, etc. I have painted everything neutral and cleaned it up inside and out.

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Only permanent fixtures are standardly expected to be included with the price of the house. Example: hanging lamps, curtain rods (attached to the walls), built-in furniture, etc. Home furnishings would typically be negotiable.

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