Buying a home can be a confusing process for first time buyers

Buying a home can be a confusing process for first time buyers. 

Buying a home can be quite stressful if you have limited budget. You will need to find a home that fits your needs and budget and invest money for the down payment on the mortgage and closing costs.

Before buying your a home, you should learn what it takes to buy a home from its location to mortgage payment .

Learning the right tips could save you from spending money on the wrong things.  The best first step you can make is to get a professional real estate agent at Nance & Associates, Realtors to assist you in finding a great home at a reasonable price.

Small does not mean it is cheap when it come to buying a home. 

Be realistic

Decide what you are looking for in a home and then find out if they are obtainable in your budget.

Some tips to help you get more house for your money

Find a fixer upper.

 Try fixing things and do some small projects yourself,  it can save you a lot of money. Doing some small improvements may add to your resale value.

It is important to select a home situated in a nice neighborhood of larger homes.  When your think of reselling your home your neighborhood is a big part of marketability.

Buying a home is the first step to your dream home. It is important to take your time and consider the different options available to you.


House Selling Tips To Know When Selling a Vacant House

Tips to sell your vacant house

If the time has come that you need to move from your home and you don’t have buyer’s lining up for your home then chances are it will be vacant until it sells.

#1 Make sure your homeowners insurance covers your vacant home.

This is the most important step and it may take the longest to find out the answer.

Homeowners insurance policies are designed for homes that are occupied by the property’s owner.

Many homeowners policies have exclusions for homes vacant for more than a certain time.

Call your insurance agent and find out.

#2 Talk with your neighbors

Yeah, you may think why now after all this time.

It’s very simple. Your neighbors have a vested interest to keep your home safe from vandals. They don’t want their home being stigmatized by an eye sore at their neighbors house caused by vandals. Tell your neighbors your situation, whether your moving across town or across country and who has access to your home besides you.

#3Vandals aren’t the only problem

Many industrious criminals have turned to the Internet to find their next prey. In recent years, many homes have had their high-end appliances among other things stolen by thieves. It’s important to keep track of who has keys to your property and to make sure all doors and windows are secure.

#4 Dual purpose renovations

Add some motion sensor lights outside to illuminate your vacant home at night. There are many good choices available other than traditional flood lights. Most chain hardware stores carry a wide variety of outdoor lights from wall mounted to ceiling mounted motion sensing light fixtures.  Leave some tables and lamps running on timers behind for a little extra interior light. They will help keep your vacant home looking a little more occupied and help with evening showings of your home. 

#5 Do some gardening

Remove any brush around the doors and windows of your home. Trim back some of the branches and try to make your yard neat, clean and free of hiding spots. it will help your homes curb appeal and keep people from hiding in the bushes.

Final Step

Find an experienced Realtor that can help you identify any marketability issues with your home that can lengthen it marketing time. Depending on your property’s market your Realtor may suggest that  your home be  staged.


9 Tips on Buying a Home

A mortgage bankers give 9 tips on buying a home.


Q&A: Need tips for selling a home fast?

Does anyone have any tips for selling a home fast?
My husband’s job is relocating us and our a relocation package that does not cover selling a home.

We need to get our home sold fast in this tough market.

We can’t really afford two house payments.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

The best first step you can take is to get a good real estate agent (me).

You will need an objective opinion of what your home needs to be more marketable.

The general tips are: Quick fix-ups, De-clutter,  fresh paint, carpet, and landscaping.

To sell quickly, set a reasonable price after consulting an experienced real estate agent.

Add your own answer in the comments!