When staging a home, do you leave the staging items in the home when it sells?

Question : When staging a home, do you leave the staging items in the home when it sells?
I’m getting ready to list my home for sale, and I’m thinking about staging it. Before I buy items for the house (like furniture, decorations, plants, candles, etc.), I wanted to know if these items usually stay with the home when it sells or will I be able to take them with me?   I have already de-cluttered everything, taking down all personal pictures, magnets, etc. I have painted everything neutral and cleaned it up inside and out.

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Only permanent fixtures are standardly expected to be included with the price of the house. Example: hanging lamps, curtain rods (attached to the walls), built-in furniture, etc. Home furnishings would typically be negotiable.

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  1. Not unless the items are mentioned in the contract, for instance, some people sell the house with the refrigerator, washer and dryer but that has to be written into the contract. If the people buying your house requests an item stay you can negotiate with them.
    I would suggest giving the rug a professional cleaning that always makes a good impression. I still remember walking into a house with a white rug.. but with a black trail of dirt to all the rooms not very impressive.

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    In staging a house all you need is a small amount of furniture your doing this so that when the people come in they can imagine their stuff in that area. Check out the web site on HGTV they have alot of info you would need.

  3. Buyers and sellers can agree to whatever they like in terms of what stays with the house when the sellers leave, but usually only anything permanently fastened to the walls such as light fixtures will stay, as well as major appliances. When the house is being shown, have some fresh flowers or small potted plants in some rooms.

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